Perini Ranch Steakhouse

Tom Perini’s love for ranch life began as a young boy, growing up and working on his family’s ranch. In 1973 he turned that passion into a career and has since become America’s quintessential cowboy gourmet.

After perfecting the traditional cowboy cuisine and creating a few recipes of his own, Perini moved from the back of the chuck wagon into his own restaurant on the family’s working ranch.

Perini made a bold decision in 1983. He turned a hay barn on his family spread into Perini Ranch Steakhouse, hoping to draw folks from nearby Abilene and soon after the world! Serving Texas standards with genuine hospitality, he has created a signature rural roadhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas (population 463).

Grilled steaks are the heart of the menu. Tom knew that if he opted for prime beef, he’d price himself out of the local market. He chose instead to grill the best choice rib-eyes, strips, and filets. The appeal of those steaks owes much to mesquite. The scrubby, thorny trees grow everywhere in this arid terrain. And their coals yield a pungent smoke that perfumes the air.

Comfort foods and chuckwagon favorites fill out the offerings, which include green chile hominy and garlicky cowboy potatoes. For dessert, there’s whiskey-laced bread pudding.

Perini’s also has an online store. Since 1995, the Perini Ranch Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin has been served in homes and at events across the country. This signature, beef tenderloin is a tradition that the Perini family is proud to share. It is a favorite among presidents, world leaders, movie stars and cowboys alike! After one bite, we are certain that it will become a favorite of yours as well. The Perini Ranch Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin is a real taste of Texas! In fact, our tenderloin is so delicious that it’s famous! Just ask “The New York Times”, who thought so highly of it, they named it their Mail Order Gift of the Year in 1995!

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