2017 » Top Ten Texas Steakhouses

Embers Steak House

A bit rustic, with a little urban flair. The Embers Steak House is located at 2721 Virginia Circle. The handcrafted wooden benches just outside the front door set the stage for the all-new, up-scale steak house. As you enter, your senses will be engulfed with color, texture, and that wonderful aroma of steaks on the grill.

Chad Lardie is the proud proprietor of the Embers Steak House. He and his crew have been busily remodeling the restaurant and working on specialty recipes. The grand opening was in January, 2011. Chad grew up in Michigan and Colorado, and then moved with his family to Amarillo in 1994. He is a graduate of Texas Tech in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management and has spent the past ten years managing Johnny Carino’s properties. He managed eight of their restaurants in nine years.

To open a restaurant of his own was always Chad’s dream, and now it is a reality. He had been looking for different opportunities for the last year and a half and when he heard through the grapevine that David’s Steak House had closed, he immediately looked at the location and building. He was pleased with what he saw, liked the ‘feel’ of the place, and began negotiations.

To make his dream a reality, he hired architectural firm Playa Designs and the work began. The early plan was to just get open, but the plan grew and the decision was made to enlarge the bathrooms and make them ADA compliant, and to add a patio. Three interior walls were added, along with a beautiful wooden patio on the east side, and the bathrooms were enlarged. The seating capacity is now 99. Chad’s girlfriend, Jennifer Hostetler, owns her own painting and design company and was involved with Chad and the architect from the beginning. Many names were considered, but Embers was the family favorite. Chad’s dad grew up in Michigan and had fond memories of an Embers Restaurant.

The restaurant features a full bar and is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

It is exciting to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in this new and popular eatery.