2017 » Top Ten Steakhouses

Butcher and Singer

Butcher and Singer is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill steakhouse. An homage to old Hollywood, low lights and dark woods evoke a feeling reminiscent of a bygone era when women donned full red lips, men wore a suit and tie and post-Prohibition liquor flowed freely.

The menu includes an array of perfectly charred steaks and  chops, coldwater lobster and iconic dishes like Shrimp & Crab Louie. Paired with a Perfect Manhattan and personalized service and you are sure to feel like a celebrity. Philadelphia’s true steakhouse, come visit us and experience luxury.

Stephen Starr, owner and founder of Butcher and Singer, won Outstanding Restaurateur from the James Beard Foundation. Butcher and Singer is part of the Starr Restaurant Organization.